We are seeking volunteers to help create Connection, Collaboration and Continuity among high school sustainability/environmental/green club teams. If you are a college student seeking an internship, please visit our internship link.


With this program, students are increasingly connected to other high school green team in their region and beyond. This helps identify best practices and the ability to understand and address issues systemically. Please visit our internship link to participate as a school organizer! If you are not a college student and would like to gain experience as an organizer of high school green teams, please contact cheryl[at]createplenty.org.


Students will see how collaboration with resources within and outside of their school community can help them achieve their goals. Guest speakers inspire them to pursue their intentions regardless of the apparent obstacles. Mentors assist students with their process. If you are a business owner, artist, parent, inventor, publicist, engineer, urban planner or have any experience solving big and little sustainability challenges (or even working through one) and want to engage with high school youth, please contact allen[at]createplenty.org.


As students and volunteers matriculate, the progress and lessons they create must be passed onto the next year’s cohort of students and volunteers. In other words, the program must be sustainable from year to year. Create Plenty’s program provides the support to ensure program continuity.  Be a part of this important step to creating adults who are mindful of their own power to change the status quo. For more information on our current work, visit our latest blog series about our approach and progress!