If you are interested in an internship, please send a short cover letter and resume to cheryl[at]createplenty.org.

Create Plenty is a grassroots environmental and arts non-profit organization focused on raising awareness and finding solutions to eliminating single-use plastic waste.  Be part of an environmental movement to mobilize people toward a culture of resourcefulness and intentional daily living, creating waste-free, local alternatives that are practical and accessible by all.

School Sustainability Organizer Internship for College Students

Create Plenty is creating Connection, Collaboration and Continuity for high school sustainability teams. This is an exciting opportunity for interns to apply the techniques of Community Organizing towards sustainability problem solving! Interns will guide students through the hands-on experience of addressing waste reduction and other sustainability issues in their community.

Connection: Students are increasingly connected to other high school green team in their region and beyond. This helps identify best practices and the ability to understand and address issues systemically.

Collaboration: Students see how collaboration with resources within and outside of their school community can help them achieve their goals. Guest speakers inspire them to pursue their intentions regardless of the apparent obstacles. Mentors assist students with their process.

Continuity: As students and volunteers matriculate, the progress and lessons they create must be passed onto the next year’s cohort of students and volunteers. In other words, the program must be sustainable from year to year. Create Plenty’s program provides the support to ensure program continuity.

Interns will:

-Learn about the Community Organizing Cycle and use this approach as they guide the students.
-Seek Opportunities for collaboration with businesses and organizations around their school community.
-Create connection between participating high school efforts through monthly skype-based learning and info sharing   opportunities.
-Guide high school students toward their goals for the coming years.
-Identify both short and long term goals for the team.
-Connect students to resources in the community.

Important details:

Applicants must be enrolled in college, with interests in community organizing, environmental education, environmental equity and justice, conservation, outdoor education or similar.

Internship runs any time between January through May 2015 and again in the Fall and requires 5-10 hours per week for the duration of term or 10 weeks.

Requires time in schedule to meet with school sustainability team members and volunteers during school hours or after school. Bi-Weekly meetings with other organizer/interns to share experiences and give support.