The quilt represents growing participation and awareness of the effects single-use plastics on our environment, economy and health. Along with the school groups, we want everyone to participate. Our goal is thousands of beautifully constructed squares by Spring 2012 in a large-scale exhibit in a very prominent place. Here’s how to contribute to this project:

• Reduce your Plastic Footprint for at least a week. Find alternatives!

• Save the plastic you get, even as you are trying to avoid it.

• Create a 12×12 inch (30 cm) square from the plastic collected and add it to the growing, traveling exhibit.

1. Fill out this form, as this is how you will stay in the loop and receive info on where & when to deliver your piece. Get inspired and watch the slide shows in our gallery.

2. Avoid buying items that involve single-use plastic for at least a week, including: to-go coffee lids, plastic cups or cutlery, water, prepackaged foods, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap, laundry soap, utensils…

3. Wash and keep the plastic that you get handed or that comes along with things you must buy, both to observe your patterns, and as a reminder to find alternatives. Do not trash or recycle plastic during this time.

4. Make your square out of some of this plastic at home. (See guidelines below)

5. Enter  (1) the title of the art and (2) your short post-challenge (150-word max.) artist statement here.  Please email cheryl[at] for mailing instructions.

Square Guideline Checklist
Sturdy, beautiful, world travel-ready exhibit pieces:
__are very close to 12 inches x 12 inches in size.
__are woven, crocheted, knitted, sewn, or stapled together.
__If you use glue, you must reinforce with thread. See examples.
__weigh close to one pound or less
__have a base of fabric, plastic, cardboard, or other lightweight material
__do not protrude into the 3rd dimension more than 1.5 inches
__have the entrant’s name, location and title of artwork marked clearly on the back.

Return of Artwork:

We would like to keep your square and add it to subsequent project in order to eventually make a large-scale exhibit of these squares. If you want your work returned, please tell us upon delivery and arrange for the return delivery of your artwork.

·  Application Deadline: March thru May 2012
·  Artists must mail or deliver artwork by: May 2012 [date tba]
·  Official IPQP Opening: June 2012 [date tba]