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PORTLAND, OR, October 19, 2011 – As the ban on plastic bags goes into effect this month in Portland, Create Plenty prepares a plastic trash art exhibit in creative recognition that this ban is just the first of many steps to rid the environment of single-use disposable plastic. Forty-five artists from the United States and Mexico are contributing artwork to be featured at the Square Affair opening art sale on Friday, November 4 at 100th Monkey Studios, from 6-9 PM. This art will be available for sale or by silent auction in support of the non-profit’s school education programs of Create Plenty’s International Plastic Quilt Project (IPQP). Work from nationally re-knowned artists Dianna Cohen, Virginia Fleck and Cheeming Boey will be among the collection and will be available for sale online beginning November 5.

Among the exhibit collection: From Los Angeles, Cheeming Boey’s famously decorated styrofoam cups; a brilliant mandala made by Virginia Fleck of Austin, Texas; and works by the Pech Cetz brothers and their students in Merida, Mexico. The group is also honored to include Dianna Cohen, co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and one of the first widely known artists to reuse plastic in a large portion of her work.  Many local artists and friends of the project are also contributing to the sale. More information can be found about these artists at

Eleven schools and over 400 students participated in the 2010-2011 Project by creating over 150 new “quilt squares” which have become a permanent part of the traveling exhibit.  This awareness-through-art campaign teaches environmental education to K-12 students in a way that engages them to be part of the solution to curb plastic pollution.  The program de-emphasizes “recycling” and instead instills concepts of “reduce” and “reuse” and inspires students to seek changes in their local communities.

The auction will allow Create Plenty to expand the program to more schools across the nation and around the world.  “Plastic pollution is a global problem and we plan to connect participating schools with like-minded students, artists and other organizations working on research and advocacy,” says Cheryl Lohrmann, founder and director of Create Plenty.

Create Plenty’s International Plastic Quilt Project is a traveling community art project that holds over three hundred squares made from single-use plastic contributed by students, artists, and many others. It is inspired by the massive success of the Names Project Aids Memorial Quilt and aims to promote awareness and solutions to single-use disposable plastic items. Eighty percent of plastic found in the ocean arrives via lakes and streams.

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Create Plenty mobilizes people toward a culture of resourcefulness and intentional daily living, creating waste-free, local alternatives that are practical and accessible by all. We believe that a waste-free world grows intentional community resourcefulness, local jobs, and increased personal well-being.