Our history of awareness through participation and art: View the International Plastic Quilt Project’s progression from Leave No Plastic Behind, beginning in March 2007. Start from the bottom to see the progression, or from the top to see it in reverse. Enjoy!

Episode Eleven, the International Plastic Quilt Project-in-schools 2012. The second annual effort involving sixteen sites in Oregon, California and Ohio and +350 squares submitted. This was made possible in part by an artists-in-schools grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art. Here are the individual pieces of the quilt, thanks to our many participants, and the first bunch of photos is from the exhibit space itself, thanks to Port City Development.

Episode Ten
was our Square Affair Fundraiser. See our store for available items donated by artists to raise money for our International Plastic Quilt Project in-schools.

Episode Nine, United States & Mexico, 2011. The first official in-the-schools effort involving 11 Portland-area schools contributing to one show. Here are some favorites of the 200+ new squares submitted.



Episode Eight: International Plastic Quilt Project, REI Portland, Aug-Nov 2010

Episode Seven
: International Plastic Quilt Project, Chabihau, Mexico, Mar 2010

Episode Six
: Plastic Quilt Project, Pie Footwear, Aug-Oct 2009

Episode Five
: Plastic Quilt Project, SCRAP RE:Vision Gallery, Mar-May 2009

Episode Four
: Leave No Plastic Behind, Visage Gallery, Aug-Oct 2008

Episode Three
: Leave No Plastic Behind, Gumbo Gallery & Gifts, Mar-May 2008

Episode Two
: Leave No Plastic Behind, Madrona Hill Café, Aug-Oct 2007

Episode One
: Leave No Plastic Behind, Madrona Hill Café, Mar-May 2007