Sponsor the Young Zeronauts and the Virtual Quilt.

This budding project will support or initiate school green teams in after-school settings to educate their peers about plastic pollution, and identify strategies to reduce single-use plastics at their schools. Using environmental education, art, experiential learning and goal-setting, students will learn valuable life skills while they engage in civic affairs at their school and beyond.

Please contact cheryl[at]createplenty.org for sponsorship inquiries.

Thanks to SCRAP and Surfrider Foundation, Portland Chapter for co-sponsoring our first video collaboration for Reduce and Reuse! Enjoy!


More Reduce, Reuse, and outright Refuse Plastics media needed!

Recycling has had its chance in the limelight, indeed. It can no longer be a consumer’s responsibility and expense to deal with piles of endless plastic waste. The manufacture of plastic is also an contributor to climate change, accounting for eight percent of the world’s fossil fuel use and likely even more for collection and recycling.

Co-sponsor more short videos to spread the word about “reduce and reuse” and outright refusing single-use plastic!

$100 gets your name in the credits
$250 gets your logo in the credits

Your great reuse-reduce-refuse organization or business will be mentioned (along with logo as the case may be) wherever the video is on our website and in our email newsletter (1000 strong). As a co-sponsor, you will help design the messaging for the next animation and share the video with your audiences. Please email cheryl[at]createplenty.org for more details.

Thanks for your interest!