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Press releases:
10.19.2011 – Group Raises Awareness Beyond the Plastic Bag
9.01.2011 – Square Affair to Raise Funds for Raising Awareness in Schools!
8.24.2010 – Create Plenty Innovates Local Solutions to Everyday Waste

06.19.08 KOIN NEWS 6

09.30.11 Create Plenty Fundraiser Hathaway Designs
06.11.11 International Plastic Quilt Project Exhibit Opening in Portland Neighborhood Notes
04.11.11 International Plastic Quilt Project Rieke Eco-Think Club
04.04.11 International Plastic Quilt Project, United States Plastic-free Times
03.25.11 Oregonian’s OregonLive
11.12.10 Show Your Plastic. Make a Quilt My Plastic-Free Life
10.15.10 Plastic in the Lunchbox, Plastic in the Sea Water for the Ages
02.07.10 International Plastic quilt Project Now Seeking Square-makers The Independent, U.K.
01.11.10 More Ways to Recycle: Make a Quilt Square Treehugger
01.11.10 How to Make an American Quilt (Out of Plastic) GOOD Magazine
05.21.09 Living a life free of plastics
11.17.08 Planet Pink N Green Junk to Funk Hits the Runway
11.13.08 Portland Tribune Sustainable Life Section
02.20.08 Oregonian Metro Section
06.12.07 Portland Tribune Sustainable Life Section
06.08.07 Oregonian Arts & Entertainment Section
05.15.07 Oregonian Homes & Gardens Section
05.05.07 Oregonian Business Section