Create Plenty is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Virtual Quilt Project History

The Virtual Quilt began as Leave No Plastic Behind (LNPB) in 2007. It was a simple exercise among new and old friends and coworkers in Portland, Oregon. We exhibited art created out of single-use plastic, then sent out a call for artists and others to live plastic-free for the same three month time period. Since then there have been more art exhibits, two per year, involving people from around the country. After the project went to Mexico in 2010, it became the International Plastic Quilt Project, and now it’s simply called the Virtual Quilt. View the archival gallery here.

Create Plenty will draw upon the growing awareness and eagerness to address our throw-away culture, developing meaningful and practical solutions to benefit everyone. Waste is a waste!

Vision: A World Without Waste

Mission: Create Plenty mobilizes people toward a culture of resourcefulness and intentional daily living, creating waste-free, local alternatives that are practical and accessible by all.

We believe that a waste-free world grows intentional community resourcefulness, local jobs, and increased personal well-being.

Integrity: To bring about a more just world, we take the lessons of nature as the foundation for business practices and models.

Connectedness: We are all a part of this earth and must work together. Operating from a standpoint of abundance, we partner & highlight other schools, organizations and businesses in as many of our programs as possible.

Stewardship: Our decisions reflect a triple bottom line of finances, environment, and social wellbeing.