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  • Madison HS Measuring by weight
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison HS: Measuring by weight.
  • Madison HS An unexpected sponge
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison HS: An unexpected sponge.
  • Madison HS The Takeout
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison HS: The Takeout.
  • Madison HS The Homework There was a name on it!
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison HS: The Homework. There was a name on it!
  • Madison The Unopened Apple Sauce
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison: The Unopened Apple Sauce
  • Madison High School The results 25 gallons of trash fromhellip
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison High School: The results. 25 gallons of trash from just 3 bags sorted.
  • Madison HS The trash
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison HS: The trash.
  • Madison HS Paper rescued from the trash
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Madison HS: Paper rescued from the trash.
  • Waste AuditConnection 18LOCATION Madison HS
    5 days ago by tourdetrash Waste Audit-Connection 1/8.LOCATION: Madison HS.
  • I see a butterfly My pre waste audit hotchocolateoscope readinghellip
    1 week ago by tourdetrash I see a butterfly. My pre waste audit hot-chocolate-o-scope reading. It's rainy and windy for this first tour de trash ride to Madison high.



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Learn how students launched
recycling at their
Portland High School
We’re adding more schools
and partnering with sustainable
businesses and organizations!
Run a sustainable business?
Share your knowledge and help
students fight waste!


A zero-waste, pop-up coffee shop
where youth learn valuable business skills
and gain practical knowledge about sustainability.



Help nine Portland Public
High Schools achieve
Entry Level Green School status!


cherylcircleJoin us as we create a top-notch extra-curricular program that teaches Portland’s high school students to tackle the problems of waste in their schools and communities. We’re off to a great start: This spring we helped the Environmental Club at Grant High School launch a school-wide recycling effort. Next fall we return to Grant and expand to two more schools!

Our students care deeply about the environment and want to take an active role in creating a sustainable future. The Zero Waste Leadership Project gives students the tools and experience they need to start that journey.

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Cheryl Lohrmann
Founder & Executive Director
Create Plenty



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