2013-10-16 02.58.39 Create Plenty’s programming is off to an exceptionally good start. Alameda and Faubion Elementary students have:

  • learned about plastic pollution and alternatives to single use plastics;
  • collected, sifted, and sorted through their cafeteria, classroom, and hallway trash in a (disgustingly fun) Waste Audit to upgrade their schools Green School status;
  • participated in Northwest Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge; set goals to accomplish for the year;
  • wrote letters to their Principals; and spread the word about all the fun they are having to their peers during class-time.

And that’s only in four weeks! Here’s what’s ahead:

Alamada’s Junior G2013-10-16 02.33.29reen Team has chosen to campaign for replacement of the plastic utensils used in their cafeteria to metal utensils. Alameda has tried this before and had problems with students disposing of the metal utensils as they were used to with the plastic versions.

Junior Green Team has offered to engage in teaching fellow students not to throw away the metal versions. They are writing letters to Alameda’s Principal to express their enthusiasm for this project and optimism that, with their help, the change can take place.

Faubion’s Create Change Club wishes to make their end of the semester Community Night a zero-waste event. This is a fantastic way to showcase what the students have learned about the importance of moving away from plastics with their families and the Faubion community. We are working with the SUN School, which operates Faubion’s after-school programming, to make this a reality.

Both sites’ work will be tracked as part of the Online Quilt on Create Plenty’s website by setting a goal, and a running tally of the progress made. We will have a total of actual pieces of plastic reduced as a result of this campaigning and organizing by the students.2013-10-15 02.58.39

Create Plenty is also working with the Oregon Green School Association to implement composting and recycling services at both schools. This helps cut the school’s garbage hauling costs, generates additional revenue for schools, provides students with hands-on lessons in conservation, and diverts waste from landfills.

Students at both schools are interactive and eager to learn about ways to live more sustainably. They offer tips to each other and classmates, stories of what their families do already to avoid plastics, and, get this, they informed some of their teachers as to how they could be more environmentally friendly!

They are currently participating in a week long EcoChallenge a la the Northwest Earth Institute where they have been keeping record of the amount of single-use plastics they use and when they use alternatives to plastic. No doubt the results will be impressive. Stay tuned.

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