Ramen noodles, Oreos and Vitamins: wrappers from S. Korea

Thank you Woodlawn Elementary for your questions. Here are our answers.

Do you care about trash? Why?
“Yes, because when the trash goes inside the soil the plants don’t grow” -Jayden
“Yes, because when we don’t put it in the trashcan, animals can get sick” -Jimin
“No, because trash is dirty” –Sue

13 students said yes they cared about trash and 5 said no

Do you recycle where you live?
“No, because I don’t have a recycle box” -Justin
“Yes, because if we don’t recycle then the trash dump will be bigger and bigger” -YeEun
“I recycle because I want to save the earth” -Emma
“Yes, I recycle where I live in the recycle can” –Erin

16 students said yes they recycle, 1 said no, and 1 student didn’t know

Do you have lots of trash?
“Yes, because my family is 5 people” -Neo
“No, I don’t trash when I eat, I eat everything” -Jully
“Yes, there are many trashcans” –Kevin

10 students said yes they have a lot of trash, 7 said no, and 1 student didn’t know

From, Bundang PSA


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