Dear Bundang,
Hello! We go to school at Woodlawn Elementary and are thirteen 3-5th graders in an afterschool program through HEART Portland learning about plastic pollution and solutions. We were very excited to discover that we could write to other students around the world (our instructor pointed out where you are on the world map so we know where you are) about this issue!

We live in Portland, Oregon, a part of the United States referred to as the Pacific Northwest. It’s gray and rainy and much like a rainforest where we live because it is so green. The PNW is known for taking good care of the planet and its communities, though we have a lot to learn about doing better.

We are excited to learn from you and hopefully share some knowledge of what happens here in the way of reducing trash! Here are some questions we answered as a class. At the end there are questions we would like you to answer!

1. What do you think happens to trash?
“It gets compounded.” – Orray
“It gets smashed and then it gets burned.”
“The trash goes to a dumpster.” – Latavia
“The trash goes to a recycle place.” – Kamara
“I think trash goes to a dump with other trash.” – Melody

2. Where does trash go after you throw it away?
“[It becomes] recycled paper.” – Latavia
“It goes to a big machine.” – Daija
“I like that trash gets turned into something new.” – Veda

3. Where does trash come from?
“Trash comes from candy wrappers.” Brandon
“It comes from things you use or maybe a machine.”
“From paper and plastic.” – Ayantu

Most popular answer: trash comes from paper.

4. How are animals affected by trash?
“Animals are affected by trash because all the dangerous textures.” – Orray
“Animals are affected by trash because it makes them sick.” – Brandon
“Animals get affected by all the things that fall off ships and trucks and also by all the smoke and
gas from buildings” – Veda
“They can choke on it and the trash can make water dirty” – Melody

Questions for Bundang Preschool Academy (PSA)

“Do you care about trash?” -Orray
“Do you recycle where you live?” – Veda
“Do you have lots of trash?” – Melody


The kids of Woodlawn Elementary SUN School


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