Students at Bundang Preschool Academy in South Korea

These two schools are our piloting penpals with the International Plastic Quilt Project this fall! The first letter from South Korea to Portland, Oregon:

Bundang Preschool Academy (PSA) in South Korea and Woodlawn Elementary SUN School in Portland, Oregon are excited to announce their participation in Create Plenty’s Plastic Quilt Project. We have partnered together to create an art and information exchange.

Over the next few months we will share our student’s ideas about trash, recycling and creating art with single-use plastic.

As an introduction to the Plastic Quilt Project and plastic pollution the 7 year-old students at
PSA were asked 4 questions about trash to compare with answers given in the United States:


1. What do you think happens to trash?
“It will stay there.” –Gian
“It gets cut into little pieces.” –Leah
The most popular answer was “It gets recycled”.

2. Where does trash go after you throw it away?
“It will go in the ground and make the Earth dirty.” –Kevin
“In the machine from Toy Story 3.” –YeEun
The most popular answers were “trashcan” and “recycle or trash center”.

3. Where does trash come from?
“It comes from Everyone!” –Erin
“It can come from foods, papers, boxes, things, and cans.” –Ben
The most popular answer was “me”.

4. How are animals affected by trash?
“Animals in water like dolphin think it is fish and eat it and die.” –Thomas
“They are unhappy.” –Zoe
The most popular answers were “they will get sick” and “they die”.

Plastic wrappers found in South Korea

We will continue our work by talking about our ecological footprint and recycling and students will start to save their single-use plastics. Then we will start discussing plastic art and creating our plastic quilt squares.


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