Our 2012 International Plastic Quilt Project in Schools exhibit opens on Friday, May 4, 2012 from 4-7 PM. It will remain until May 31st at the Gallery at Port City Development, 2156 N Williams Ave in Portland. Visiting hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The inspiring participation of this year’s project has been a true microcosm-level demonstration of how plastic pollution is meeting the beginning of its end. Volunteer organizers from schools like those in West Linn, Wilsonville (click for article) will integrate the International Plastic Quilt Project into their Earth Day activities and invite their local communities to recognize the single-use nature of their daily lives. Artist volunteers like Cynthia Caudill in Hood River (click for Cynthia’s blog entry and art images), Oregon will lead students in creating artwork out of single-use plastic. They hold a local exhibit of the project at their local library. Outside of Oregon, teachers, artists and others who are savvy with the “reduce, reuse, refuse plastics” message and brimming with creativity will add their own creative reuse talents to the Plastic Quilt Project, much like Trinity School in Columbus, Ohio. Take a look at the students at work!

These stories in addition to the experiences by youth at KIPP Raices Academy in  Los Angeles, California (click for our blog on this site) will be another stepping stone.  More youth will participate in meaningful ways to re-create ways of living that support and work in accordance with the life systems that give us clean air to breathe, nutritious food to eat and spaces for play.

In Portland, the International Plastic Quilt Project will reach more students than the past two years combined through after school programs like those at Lynch View, Faubion and Woodmere Elementary Schools. Teachers and artists will work together tailoring the Project into their classroom as they did at Winterhaven Elementary, Trillium Charter High School, and the Oregon School for the Deaf. Student volunteers like those of Sarah Morgan and Amy Steel at Portland State University will spend a class period helping students to recognize single-use plastic, learn about its effects and engage in making squares for the upcoming art exhibit, like at ACCESS Academy at Sabin Elementary School.

Our community will continue to help us to grow with donations to make our event complete with prizes, food and drink. Thanks to Spielworks, Goldrush Coffee Bar, Pine State Biscuits, Alberta Cooperative Grocery, Salt and Straw Ice Cream and Candy Babel.

The more youth who actively participate in recognizing and reigning in our single-use plastic consumption and working with creative reuse to increase interest in and examples of practical reuse, the less we’ll cave into the fleeting value of our throw-away culture. Sound like a good plan?

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  1. Kyle Curtis says:

    Is this still an active site/group? If so, you guys should consider bringing to Portland the Langs’ work of art pieces made from pieces of plastic found and collected from California beaches: http://www.good.is/post/found-art-just-like-diamonds-plastics-are-forever/

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